Mechanical seals production

Mechanical seals production

Meccanotecnica Umbra is an industry-leading company operating in the mechanical seals production worldwide. Meccanotecnica Umbra was founded over 50 years ago in Italy and it is situated in Campello, a small town located in Umbria between Assisi and Spoleto. In 2001 Meccanotecnica Umbra defined a successful operation strategy to become a leading company in this sector.

Why choose the company?

Meccanotecnica Umbra, thanks to a long experience in this field, can do a production of high quality mechanical seals, which are able to simplify the work activities of its customer. This goal is achieved thanks to a series of collaborations and acquisitions with other companies all over the world. In fact, in 2008 Meccanotecnica Umbra acquired the Swedish company Huhnseal AB and in 2010 Cyclam North Americacreating Meccanotecnica USA. Later, Meccanotecnica Umbra started a joint venture with Madurai in India, in conjunction with HTA (the local producer of oil seals owned by the Japanese company Arai), becoming a leading producer of mechanical seals in the Southeast Asian region.

Which models are produced?

To meet the customer needs, Meccanotecnica Umbra has constantly trained its staff and improved the technologies used, in order to make a production of a wide range of mechanical seals for rotating shafts with applications in different sectors. Among the company’s items, you can find, for example: 

Further information on mechanical seals production?

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