An international presence for a global future

Meccanotecnica Umbra operates in most areas of the world with manufacturing plants that also work to promote the local area: indeed, from the first time it crossed the national borders, the company’s management decided to fully integrate itself with its culture in the areas where it gradually built its production sites. Respect and care for the culture of hosting countries that led the group to expand in Brazil, China, the US, Mexico, India and Sweden, laying the foundations for its future presence across five continents. Thanks to this entrepreneurial approach focusing on constant growth, MTU is able to successfully face growing international competition, by diversifying its business in unique niches and gradually increasing its market share. This led it to acquire an extensive heritage, not only in terms of experience, but also a cultural one, which enables MTU to develop at the ceaseless pace of globalization.

We constantly seek the highest performance

With the confidence it can guarantee a long-standing partnership with its clients, Meccanotecnica Umbra presents itself as a valuable partner that is constantly growing. The R&D sector, which was created inside the company in a dedicated area of 2,000 sqm with over 100 testing workstations, continuously designs new solutions and ensures the implementation of research programs, liaising with universities and national and international organisations to develop scientific knowledge and potential partnerships. The bond with the academic world and institutions is the pride and joy of MTU’s management.

New challenges for a growing future

Meccanotecnica Umbra operates in step with innovation and based its corporate culture on guiding values such as a transparent conduct and taking on a strong corporate responsibility. This is why it constantly seeks new challenges, currently represented by the thermodynamic solar area, offshore drilling and the aerospace industry. To meet these new challenges, MTU has long set up a considerable spending programme, on average equal to 5% of its annual turnover. The focus on innovation aims at improving products and services, and, as a result, reducing costs to increase profitability and its own satisfaction, as well as that of its clients. It also makes strong investments to reduce its environmental impact, thereby confirming its certification for being an environmentally sustainable company. Quality, innovation, corporate responsibility and skill in providing ongoing training to its personnel ensure future growth, also for new generations, and represent a guarantee for clients of the permanent presence of a sound and long-standing partner.


Meccanotecnica India Pvt. Ltd.
C-23 & C-24,
SIPCOT Industrial Complex,
Pallapatti Village, Nilakottai Taluk,
Dindigul District – 624 201.
Tamil Nadu, India
Phone: +91 04543 238222

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